When we talk about the React framework, people are loving its design and architecture. While they explore more it creates a whopping curiosity in them for the react admin themes. But are they able to get the right set of react website templates for their commercial projects or even personal projects? Probably, something was missing for them to explore the hidden potential of these React Templates.

Well, we have carefully examined different places and listed down the most demanding react dashboard templates available for free to try. We are sure when they will try these free react templates, they will get a lot of exposure to React Admin Templates and how they are reliable to use.

While we take a ride with free react js themes, it will not help you to explore the features but also make your experience with its use in real-time. And once you get a habit of using one of the react-bootstrap templates it won’t leave you ideal more.

These react-redux templates use the essential features of the React framework which further provide customization options, website responsiveness across all devices, and design options to choose from where you can get the most prominent free react themes.

AdminPro Lite React Template

react template

AdminPro React Admin Lite is a carefully handcrafted clean admin template of 2022. It’s built with a modular and modern design. AdminPro React Admin Lite is free to download and use for personal and commercial projects.

If you have a project which needs more features and options, you can buy the AdminPro React premium version. It includes lots of awesome features. We recommend you check out the AdminPro React Premium version, to get an idea about its amazing features.

Material Dashboard React Template

react template

Material Dashboard React is a free Material-UI Admin with a fresh, new design inspired by Google’s Material Design. We are very excited to introduce our take on the material concepts through an easy-to-use and beautiful set of components. Material Dashboard React was built over the popular Material-UI v4.1.0 framework.

Star Admin React Template

react template

Star Admin React Free template presents unlimited customization options to users. It gives you access to a wide variety of essential elements that will allow you to bring a unique touch to your web application. The template features a carefully crafted dashboard with plenty of neatly arranged and organized components and is capable of making the process of data visualization simpler.

Material Admin React Template

react template

React Material Admin is a react dashboard template built with the Material-UI framework. jQuery and Bootstrap are free! You asked for it! This react template will be a great start to building a front-end for SAAS, E-Commerce, IoT dashboard, or whatever web app you like. We are going to keep it updated and provide more and more components for both free and premium versions.

Free React.js Admin Template

react template

The only React.js Admin Template you need to create amazing user interfaces. CoreUI is an open-source React.js & Bootstrap 4-based admin template.

MaterialPro Admin Lite React Template

react template

MaterialPro React Admin Lite is a carefully handcrafted beautiful react admin dashboard template of 2022. It’s built with a modular and modern design concept. MaterialPro React Admin Lite is completely free to download and use for your personal as well as commercial projects.

For medium to large-scale projects, you can buy MaterialPro React Premium Version, which includes a variety of Dashboards, demos, application designs, lots of page templates, and form and table designs to help you create your projects faster and easier.

Light Bootstrap Dashboard React Template

react template

Light Bootstrap Dashboard React is an admin dashboard template designed to be beautiful and simple. It is built on top of Light Bootstrap Dashboard and React JS and it is fully responsive. It comes with a big collection of elements that will offer you multiple possibilities to create the app that best fits your needs. It can be used to create admin panels, project management systems, web applications backend, CMS, or CRM.

React Dashboard React Template

react template

React Dashboard is an entirely free open-source isomorphic dashboard template built with the latest technologies such as React Router, Redux, GraphQL, and Bootstrap. Working backend integration and Server Side Rendering allows bootstrap development of your web on a low budget. You can use React Dashboard to build CMS, SASS, CRM, E-Commerce, etc applications.

Xtreme Admin Lite React Template

react template

If you’ve been searching for the best React templates for your websites and applications, your search can end here. WrapPixel’s React themes are beautifully handcrafted in a modular and modern design. This elegant template is ideal for providing a strong foundation for your admin dashboards and control admin panels. This template was created specifically to meet all the essential needs of your project. With Xtreme React Admin Lite by your side, you can create stunning web apps and backends in no time.


I hope you liked this collection of React Templates and might be helpful for your current or upcoming projects. If are you interested in React Redux and want to know more about it then we have a complete guide to React Redux.

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