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Developing applications or websites from starting point quickly becomes a mental bottleneck as your project grows in complexity. By using admin templates, you can spin up an admin stack in minutes that is as feature-rich as your custom backend and can be customized to fit your needs. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the best React Material UI Admin Templates also known as MUI Templates that you can use to boost your productivity and build an admin panel in minimal time.

Flexy React Material Admin Lite – Free MUI Template

flexy react template

Flexy React Material Dashboard is a free, open-source template developed by our team. React dashboard templates comes with a set of components, which you can use to create your dashboard. The components are designed to make your dashboard look awesome and easy to use at the same time. The flexy react dashboard framework is extremely easy to customize and build upon.

You can easily customize the colors, the layout, and the components of the dashboard. The react dashboard template is developed with ease of use in mind so that even if you are not a designer, you will be able to use it to build beautiful dashboards. It is built with the latest and greatest technologies, so it performs very well in modern browsers and devices. It features-

  • Different Page Layouts
  • Many UI Components & Elements
  • 1 Year Updates
  • Modern Design
  • Ready-to-Use Widgets

Berry Free React Admin Template

Berry Admin Template is a powerful and free-to-use admin panel built with React, inspired by Material Design. It provides a consistent experience across devices, browsers, and platforms, with a modern and intuitive interface. The library provides a set of components, each of which implements a specific piece of functionality. Some of its features include-

  • Modern Aesthetics UI Design
  • Material-UI Components
  • Easy to Use Code Structure
  • Flexible & High-Performance code
  • Easy Documentation Guide

Mantis Free React Admin Template

The Mantis dashboard template by CodedThemes is an open-source and react redux-based dashboard template created using the MUI React library for greater flexibility. It is one of the best admin templates for developers to build admin pages, forms, and other typical website components. It comes with a lot of built-in components such as cards, buttons, and dropdowns, and it’s easy to customize them to build the admin interface of your next app or website. It features-

  • Retina Responsive Ready
  • Faster Loading Speed
  • Numerous UI Elements
  • Multiple Application Designs
  • Complies with W3 Standards

React Material Admin – Free & Premium MUI Template

The React material admin template by Flatlogic is built on top of the React and Material UI framework taking the latest frameworks into account. React material admin template comes with a set of components, such as cards, buttons, and dropdowns. You can customize these components to build the admin interface of your next app or website. This template is fully responsive which makes it look and feel great on all devices and browsers. This free react material template comes with-

  • No jQuery and Bootstrap
  • Fully responsive
  • CSS-in-JS Styles
  •  Modular Architecture
  • Webpack Build

Flexy React Material Dashboard – Premium MUI Template

Flexy React Material Dashboard helps you build amazing admin experiences with minimal code. Built with a focus on extensibility, customization, and performance, each component is designed to be easy to understand, easy to implement, and powerful when needed. From the material design-inspired navigation to the highly customizable tabs, forms, and tooltips, the components in this package. 

The Flexy React admin templates have all the features you need to build an admin interface, from simple forms to complex wizard-style pages. It comes with dozens of components that can be mixed and matched to create layouts, forms, and other UI components. The template has-

  • Axios-based apps to make API call
  • Completely responsive pages
  • Multiple Application Design & Validation Forms
  • 100% Moneyback Guarantee
  • 1 Year Dedicated Support and Updates


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